1970-1972 Chevelle Non-SS Dash Insert, RAW STEEL FINISH #315-32612


This is our new instrument carrier for 1970-1972 Non-SS Chevelles and El Caminos. It is made from 18 Gauge Galaxy Pre-Coat Steel. This is non-rusting steel, so you do not need a powder coat for rust prevention. Like all of our other dash inserts, it replaces the Speedometer, Tachometer (3-3/8") and Temp, Voltage, Oil Pressure, and Fuel Gauge (2-1/16").

We pre-drill the Turn Signals, High Beam, and E-Brake with .046 (15/32") to fit our LED warning lights. We suggest installing our instrument carrier and then painting the whole assembly for a uniform paint match.

RAW STEEL FINISH, ready to paint