Please follow these instructions when installing your dash since we cannot replace dashes damaged by improper installation. Also, note that the 1970-1972 dash that you are upgrading is over 48 years old and as such there will be variations in your dash because of its age. This insert has been made as close as possible to fit these dashes, but you will have to slightly modify your dash to get a good fit. Please read these instructions and assembling should go rather easy.

1970-72 Chevelle Non-SS Dash Insert #315-32612


Step 1: Disassemble, clean, repair, and prep your main dash housing for paint. 

Step 2: Take your new insert and check the fit (there will usually be some small gaps that will need to be sealed with black sealant). Screw the insert in using the four original screws or using #8 Head Sheet Metal Screws.

Step 3: We suggest using GE Silicone 2 Black to seal the gaps from the other side. Seal all gaps located on the top and sides. We suggest this sealant because it is latex and so the paint will adhere to it. Any excess sealant can be cleaned up with water or a damp sponge while it is still wet. Do NOT use acetone or lacquer thinner as this will attack the ABS plastic that the dash is made from.

Step 4: The dash is now ready for paint. The insert is already powder coated in black for rust prevention. We suggest using Krylon #05072 Satin Black for an original-looking color.

One Special Note: Warning light holes are predrilled to .434 (7/16").If using our LED warning lights,drill to .464 (15/32")

Parts and Supplies Recommended

1) GE Silicone 2 in Black - Lowes or Home Depot

2) 3M Scotch Magic Transparent Tape - available anywhere

3) Sheet metal screws - #8 Hex Head ½” long

4) Krylon Satin Black Spray Paint #24504 05072 - Walmart

5) Devcon 2 Ton Epoxy for the repair of stripped screw holes - Walmart

5) LED Warning Lights - available on our very own website -- CLICK HERE!

  • Red-#73386
  • Green #73388
  • Blue #73380

1966-67 Chevelle Dash Insert #6667 CDI

Step 1: 
  • Completely degrease bare steel dashes prior to painting.
  • The new dash insert should only be installed after your dashboard has been completely stripped, repainted, and/or powder coated. 
  • If you are using our Chrome Dash Insert in conjunction with the Stock Chrome Radio and Glove Box Fascia, then we recommend using "ACP" brand parts. The "ACP" brand of aftermarket parts has a high-quality chrome plating that matches our chrome inserts very nicely.
  • We recently added a "Billet Polished Aluminum Face Plate" for the new DIN style stereos. This gives you the ability to use BlueTooth Technology in your classic Chevelle (call for price). 
Step 2:
  • Once you have determined the parts you are going to use, it is now time to install your gauges using the manufacturer's instructions (we recommend using the "Auto Meter" brand of gauges).
  • Our dashes accept 3-1/8" Speedo/Tach only which can be purchased from us or Autometer.
  • Our small gauge holes are designed for 2-516" gauges. 
Step 3:
  • After all the gauges and warning lights have been installed, place the gauge cluster into the back of the dash. 
  • We recommend using the factory clips from the dashboard in conjunction with the factory Hex Head screws. Additionally, we suggest using a 3/16" washer with the screws. If you are missing the original screws, then use a #10 Hex Head Sheet Metal Screw (1/2" or 3/4" length). 
Step 4: 
  • Once the panel and gauges have been installed, it is suggested that the completed dash be wired and powered up to ensure that all the gauges and accessories have been installed correctly, and most importantly, that the wiring is done correctly.
Step 5:
  • After determining that everything is correctly installed, you can bolt the dash into the vehicle.

Have any questions or concerns? 

Call us at (916) 805-4761 or email
Good luck and happy installing!!