1968-72 GTO, Leman, & Tempest Radio Dash Repair Plate #PON6872


River City Muscle Cars would like to introduce a new metal piece that allows customers with altered radio openings to repair their existing dash. 

- This piece can be glued, welded, or riveted to your modified dash which allows you to install either the original radio or a two-post stereo receiver. 

- This piece is made of sturdy 18 gauge U.S. steel. Although this part primarily fits 1968-72 GTOs, Lemans, and Tempests, it can also be used on other GM models. See our technical data sheet to see if the radio posts are the same as your car's original dash. 

Note: we also make a repair plate for 1968-72 Chevelles, Malibus,    & El Caminos. The posts on these radios are positioned slightly      different.